29 May 2010

Having Fun Isn't Hard, When You've Got a Library Card!

I've been trying to do some painting today, but I've got a headache that brings with it tunnel vision and a bit of the shakes. So I keep putting blue paint where I don't want blue paint. Then I get mad and clench up, which makes the shakes worse, which leads to more blue paint where I don't want it...

So I went to Hobbytown. The first time I went there I didn't know what I wanted. So I wandered around and looked at the model trains. I even flipped through a model train book or two. I've been thinking about model railroads for about 20 years now, but have never taken the plunge into owning a train of my own. To do it right would take space, money, time, and a working knowledge of railroads that I don't have at the moment. I would eventually like to do an N-scale layout based on the freight trains I see here in town. The overpass I drive over to get to the interstate crosses a train yard that always has interesting graffiti-covered rolling stock in it. Sometime I am lucky enough to see a train rolling by. I thought about buying a train book, but I didn't. I went home instead.

Then I got to thinking that I would need some Enchanted Blue soon, as I changed my Empire color scheme a bit and my pot of Enchanted Blue was looking dangerously low. So I went back to Hobbytown to get some paint. I looked at the trains some more and wondered if the public library had any books about model trains. So I texted my wife to find out where the library here is located. I went to the library and found some books, but most of the books predate the introduction of N-scale trains (sometime in the 1960s). I chose a couple of the most modern books and went to the counter with my books and my library card application. My application was accepted and I was free to take the books home. The kid behind the counter saw my Reaper shirt and asked if there was a hobby shop in town, so I told him about Hobbytown. I think he is into 40k. Most libraries have some sort of request form, so maybe I will request that they update their hobby section a little bit. I know there are three or four model railroad societies in the valley, so those books would theoretically get some use. We'll see.


  1. Raz, That sound like a migraine rather than a headache (tunnel vision). If you keep getting them have yourself checked out.

  2. PS: My virus checker is now cool about your blog.

  3. Omygoodness, I love love love that episode of Arthur. "Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll!" Muah ha ha ha ha!