06 May 2010


A week or so ago I got an e-mail from Blizzard saying something about my World of Warcraft account and me owing them fifteen dollars or I could never play World of Warcraft again. That's odd, I thought, I haven't played WoW in several months. So I looked into it. It turns out my account got hacked, and whoever hacked it used a stolen credit card to pay for their play. The owner of the card complained about the fraudulent charges, and Blizzard said to me, the rightful owner of the account (but not the credit card) that I would have to pay. So I filed a complaint.

A few days later I got an e-mail saying, "After looking into it, we've determined that you weren't playing on your account at the time, so you don't owe us fifteen dollars. Please pay us fifteen dollars so you can log in and see if the hacker stole your stuff." So I did.

The hacker deleted a few of my lower-level characters that I didn't play anyway, but my main character and my bank alt were still there. Apparently the hacker had been farming up some gold, because my character was in some cave somewhere with a bunch of spider silk in his inventory. The hacker also bought some nice big bags and upgraded a couple of my items. So I sold all of the stuff they had farmed up and made some gold. He didn't even sell my bank alt's diamond-tipped cane. He did sell my guild tabard, though, which was a bit odd.

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  1. Something very similar happened to my WoW account. I haven't played in years though, so I was pretty sure it wasn't me. A stolen credit card was used on my account too, but customer service wouldn't tell any other details. And my account is still locked out.