29 September 2005

Here's a pic of my dog, Annie Skywalker, taken when she was a puppy.

20 September 2005

Attack of the Killer Ladybugs

Today I was attacked by ladybugs. We were out on patrol and stopped somewhere and a huge swarm of green ladybugs descended and covered us and our truck. They were everywhere, crawling into my nose, ears, clothes, helmet, and a couple even got to where the sun don't shine. I could feel their ladybug legs on my scalp and neck. It was probably right up there in my top ten worst Iraq experiences. I haven't been attacked by bugs like that since I worked moving sprinkler pipes in middle and high school and got swarmed by mosquitos every day.

Also, it's my wife's birthday today, so that's pretty cool. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFE!!!