30 May 2007

I finally got my World of Warcraft character to level 70, so maybe I will be able to do something else in my free time. I've been stuck on the last two or three steps of painting those Clanrat Slaves for a while now, but haven't had the willpower to get away from the computer. In theory I will put the last bits of paint on the unit tomorrow after work and be done with basing and clearcoat by the end of the week. We'll see if I get around to actually doing it.
In other news, my little sister graduated from high school this past weekend. I think they could cut the graduation ceremonies by about two hours and no one would miss the omitted parts.

19 May 2007

I've been thinking about selling my comic books off on eBay to raise money for a rifle, so today I spent a little while browsing eBay to see what sort of money I can expect to make. It appears that the comic book market is running a bit slow at the moment. I may have to wait for a while to see if it heats back up again before I try to sell my collection.
I still need to start painting my miniature for the May painting contest, so I may try to do that tomorrow after work. For now, I need to go to bed so I'll be able to get to work in the morning.

18 May 2007

I haven't done any painting since my last post. I didn't win the painting contest last month. This month's category is Pirates, and I'm having a hard time getting started. I think I've finally got a miniature picked out, so maybe tomorrow I'll actually start on it.
I went fishing this weekend with my parents and my little brother. We stayed the night at the campground in my parent's camp trailer and played Chinese Checkers. In the morning one of my dad's friends brought his boat to the reservoir on his trailer and we headed out. We tried a couple of spots, but the fishing was slow, and we had to move around quite a bit before we found a dock with some Crappie underneath it. The two veteran fisherman were getting skunked on the Crappie fishing, so we went out to search for some Bass.
My brother had to answer the call of nature, so we pulled the boat over and he went off into the bushes to do his business. When he came back, he announced that he'd just peed on a snake. My dad wanted to go see what kind of snake it was, so we went up to look at it. It turned out to be a rattlesnake, and when it saw us it coiled up and started buzzing. My brother is lucky that he didn't get bitten, but not many people can say they've peed on a rattlesnake.
We found a pretty nice stretch of river for Bass, and pulled in quite a few. The veteran fishermen (my dad and his friend) did a lot better at catching Bass, and several of them were keepers. There were a lot of people on the water who didn't do so well, so even though it was slow, it was a pretty good trip. I even got a nice sunburn on my neck.

01 May 2007

I got my Clanrat Slave unit painted up to about 70% complete, but I didn't have the stamina to finish them off. Hopefully sometime during the week I'll be able to finish them up. I just have to paint their weapons, do some detailing, and paint and flock their bases. Once I get that done, I'll have my 2250-point army finished and be just 22 figures away from my 3000-point army.
I've become addicted to watching PBS shows while painting. I suspect that my painting speed and quality suffers, but I've learned all sorts of things about technology, nature, and weird fitness shows with Willie Nelson soundtracks.
The Reaper website has many of the Warlord grunt sculpts available in the Boneyard section of the online store now, but there are several figures still only available in the army packs. Unfortunately, the figures that are unavailable as individual sculpts are figures that I only need two or three of for my army lists. I think I will scrap my Warlord plans for the moment and work on other armies until Reaper sorts out their Warlord miniature line.