01 May 2007

I got my Clanrat Slave unit painted up to about 70% complete, but I didn't have the stamina to finish them off. Hopefully sometime during the week I'll be able to finish them up. I just have to paint their weapons, do some detailing, and paint and flock their bases. Once I get that done, I'll have my 2250-point army finished and be just 22 figures away from my 3000-point army.
I've become addicted to watching PBS shows while painting. I suspect that my painting speed and quality suffers, but I've learned all sorts of things about technology, nature, and weird fitness shows with Willie Nelson soundtracks.
The Reaper website has many of the Warlord grunt sculpts available in the Boneyard section of the online store now, but there are several figures still only available in the army packs. Unfortunately, the figures that are unavailable as individual sculpts are figures that I only need two or three of for my army lists. I think I will scrap my Warlord plans for the moment and work on other armies until Reaper sorts out their Warlord miniature line.

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