12 May 2010

A Surprisingly Good Day

I am on orders for military training for the next couple of weeks, which usually means being away from home for the duration. But due to some schedule manipulation I was able to come home for the night tonight. It probably means I'll be on the all-night shift tomorrow night, but I'd really rather have the night shift over the day shift because nothing happens at night. Everyone is asleep.

Yesterday my wife informed me that a package had arrived in the mail for me, from a company I had not purchased anything from. I am a rather impatient person, so I had her open it over the phone and describe the contents. Lo and behold, the box contained a pair of the very shoes I drooled over earlier this month, very generously sent to my home by my Uncle Clair. She informed me that they smelled very good.

When I arrived home today I removed my army boots and inspected them carefully (they certainly do smell very good) before putting them on. The shoes have a lot of little details, like a little picture of Bo Jackson printed inside the left shoe and his jersey number printed around the plastic ends of the laces. I even did a little research, and the man who designed this iteration of the Nike Trainer SC 2010 shares the same last name as me. Funny that a Rasmussen would unknowingly fancy a shoe designed by another Rasmussen. These are probably the nicest new shoes I have ever owned, and I am a little lost as far as how to properly show my gratitude. I've been wearing them around the house feeling like a new man. I've always felt inadequate in the face of generosity, and that's how I feel now. It is nice to finally relegate my old holey (not to be confused with holy) shoes to chore duty. When my youngest sister was little, she had a favorite Batman outfit that she would wear every day and even sleep in. My mom had to practically tie her down in order to remove it and wash it. I feel a bit like I want to sleep in these shoes.

I also discovered today that I am a contest winner. Over at the Raven's March blog there was a little anniversary fountain pen giveaway. Basically anyone who commented on the anniversary post would be put in a random drawing for a fountain pen from the blog author's collection. Out of the two commenters I was selected. I don't know if I've mentioned fountain pens on this blog, but I am a little fascinated by these writing instruments and the rituals of caring for and writing with them. I have two fountain pens on my desk, and use them occasionally. I should use them more, but often find little opportunity for properly going through the procedures of maintenance required. Perhaps I will be able to change that.


  1. Bekah told me about your new shoes - I was so excited and also teary-eyed at my brother's generosity! What a fun, thoughtful, kind act of love! You are a lucky boy and I know you will really enjoy your new kicks!

  2. What?! No shoe pics?

    You have made it impossible for me to not comment on this blog entry and reveal that I have been reading it faithfully from the beginning. (Eek!) I too have been humbled recipient of the C Dub’s boundless, generous gear giving. I wore one of his Jordan ensembles to play ball in yesterday, then put on a Clair dress shirt to go to an interview that evening. And when I’m not sporting a direct gift, I am beneficiary of his consumer advice . . . just picked up a pair of Jordan icons and will start hooping in them next week. (I wore them around the house last night so I could determine the proper sock thickness.) As for running shoes, he handed over an awesome pair of red-white-and-blue super-light shoes that I wore only at track meets when I was running the 800 in high school. I wasn’t fast but, man, I felt fast, and blessed, ’cause I had the best kicks (and the best brother).

    Oh, don’t get me started on pens (I prefer space to fountain) or blank books (moleskins are divine) that I can’t bear to write in, or office supplies in general (hoo boy, I love a clever magnet or pushpin).

    Enjoy the smooth ride. You deserve it.