15 May 2010

Kill Team Rosters

I probably won't go into wargear details very much, but I've been shuffling my Kill Team lists around, trying to come up with a strong theme. I am trying to go with small teams of each army's sneaky scout-type troops, to represent actions forward of the main bodies as recon elements run into and engage each other or small raiding elements make contact.

For the Orks I've got a small unit of Kommandos and a small unit of Stormboyz. Not sure how it would work in-game, but in my mind's eye I see the Kommandos tracking down the enemy, calling in the Stormboyz for an assault, and then supporting the Stormboyz with an assault on the flanks or the rear.

My Imperial Guard Kill team features some veterans with various special weapons and a Sentinel, all modeled with parts from the Elysian range. I have grav chutes for the Veterans and am contemplating getting some of the helmets and Elysian weapon packs from Forge World. These are squads that get dropped in behind enemy lines to disrupt supply lines, reap confusion, and in general cause the most trouble possible with the least amount of manpower.

For Space Marines I am still not sure. I contemplated a Scout Squad with a Land Speeder Storm transport, but I may tweak that idea some. It is certainly the most appropriate choice given my theme, but with only five guys I could see them dying rather quickly.

Anyway, those are my ideas for now. I'm going to need to build some terrain one of these days, as I don't have any terrain at all in my collection. Regular games aren't any fun without terrain, and from what I've heard Kill Team really requires dense terrain to maximize the fun of small teams hunting each other down. There's a reason exciting gunfights/chase scenes in the movies are often set in warehouses, factories, jungles, and crowded commercial districts.

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