26 May 2010

Empire Greatswords WIP 2

I slapped a little more paint on the Greatswords unit tonight. You might be able to notice some progress in the photos. I'd probably put in another hour or so on them, but I need a haircut and I've got a new issue of White Dwarf to browse through before I go to sleep for the night. I think the army will look pretty good once I get them all painted and on the table, at least from a distance. I still don't know what to do with the banners.


  1. "slapped some paint," he says.
    They look fantastic. It's a great color scheme you have. They're shaping up beautifully.

  2. The Greatswords are progessing fantastically Chris, looking forward to seeing these boys finished up.

    Is the banner to be your BSB? If so I'd definitely painting some form of laurel wreath on there, perhaps a wreathed skull? Not sure how confident you are with freehand, but if you are a griffon might be well worth a shot. Its been a symbol of the Imperial Crown since the time of Magnus the Pious, and if I remember correctly the Griffon Standard is rather useful.

  3. Well, I think these guys are shamed a bit by the quality of work on your Chaos Cavalry Biker. I've got a lot of paint outside the lines, and I'm not courageous enough to really take the highlights up and blend colors into each other.

    The Standard Bearer in this unit won't be the BSB for the army, he's just a part of the unit's command group. I will have to work something out, as even at 1000 points the army has a handful of standards to paint.

  4. I think these guys look awesome and I don't even know anything about this stuff - I think I would enjoy painting them though if you ever want some help!