09 May 2010


I spent a couple of hours at the Bodybuilding.com Fitness Expo. We went a couple of years ago, but skipped last year's event. One of the new guys in my National Guard unit does web content for Bodybuilding.com, so he invited me to come out and see it. I always feel a bit weird going to those shows because I am not anywhere near what you might call fit or built. I have been working out a bit lately, though. I'm tired of being a weakling girly-man. But it's a slow process. I met Branch Warren, who is one of the bigger names in bodybuilding at the moment. He's kind of a big dude:

I also saw a Strongman demonstration that included Brian Shaw, who is like the world's third-strongest man right now. He lifted a car 15 times in a row, which is sort of a crazy thing to do. That demonstration was pretty neat.

I haven't really done anything with my Empire army the last couple of days. I'm a little bogged down on getting the Knights put together. I have one horse assembled and one Knight partially put together, but I haven't had the inclination to work on miniatures at all really. I did get a book of Warhammer short stories in the mail alongside my wife's Mother's Day present, which thankfully arrived on time. I also worked up a couple of Kill Team rosters for Orks and Imperial Guard. The Orks are already assembled, but not yet painted. The Guardsmen haven't been put together yet.


  1. That dude is huge!

  2. Yeah, he's a rather large guy. The strongman dude is pretty big, too. He was rocking the biggest pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars I have ever seen.

  3. Orks and Guard KT... nice man. Are you gonna do the whole customizing thing with em or just go with what they are out of the box?

  4. I know that my IG Kill Team will be set up as a Elysian Drop Troop Veteran Squad with support in the form of a Forge World Elysian Drop Sentinel. So they have a pretty solid theme that I can build around.

    I'm not sure on the Orks yet. I still need to tinker with the list and see what I can come up with.

    For Space Marines there isn't a lot of choice. You can take a Tactical Squad, a Terminator Squad. I think this is a case where you could build a strong theme around a Scout squad.