06 May 2010

Kill Team and Calculus

Even as I've worked feverishly on my Warhammer Fantasy Empire army, I've been thinking about it's futuristic sibling, Warhammer 40k. Specifically, I've been thinking about the Kill Team variant in the recently-released Battle Missions book.

For those unfamiliar with the mission, it is essentially a 200-point game of 40k with a slightly altered force organization chart and a few special rules. It's designed to be a relatively quick game, so you could theoretically get a game in during a lunch break or play four or five games in a couple of hours during the evening.

I've already got some stuff I could use for a Space Marine Kill Team force, and I've probably got enough Orks assembled (not painted) to put a list together for them. I could probably bash something together for my Imperial Guard, too. I think running those small lists against each other would be motivation to keep building and painting what I've got on my shelves.

On an entirely different note, I am nearly done with the semester. I am going to be away from school for a while, and I have been trying to decide what to do with the next couple of years educationally. I've always been worse at math than at other things. I failed College Algebra three times before I finally passed it, and when I "passed" it I didn't actually pass the class. I had a pretty solid D in the course, but my teacher graded on a huge curve and gave me a B. My major requires me to take a course in Calculus. I am not even really certain what Calculus is, but I doubt my D in College Algebra is going to cut the mustard. I think I will spend the next couple of years learning math over again, so when I get back into school I can hit the ground running with some confidence. If I get to feeling really frisky while I'm overseas, I may try to take some sort of online course and get my Calculus requirement knocked out. To that end, I've ordered a couple of "Learn Calculus" books, the Calculus textbook that Boise State uses, and a workbook full of additional problems. I guess if it starts out too tough for me I will have to go out and learn Algebra again, too. I think that if I keep my mind busy and actively pursue this goal while I'm away from school, it will feel a little less like I am just wasting time.


  1. Woot! Someones gonna do some kill team! That would be awesome bro. I don't think I've seen a single blog about it yet. You;d be in on the ground floor man.

    I'll be watching for it :)

  2. I love kill team. As long as you have plenty of terrain, it's great fun.


  3. Velvet wouldn't let me take anything less than Calculus in college, even though I dropped out of the 10th grade during Algebra 2. She helped me cheat on the pre-exam to get into the class, then she tutored me through the course. It was really hard, but it saved a lot of time. I got a C+ after the curve.

  4. Mikey,

    I don't have an evil mastermind guiding and manipulating my college career. Just Bekah, which would be sort of like you running my life, only you if you were an attractive female.