05 May 2010

Battle Standard Bearer

After my Psychology final this evening I took a few minutes and got my Empire Battle Standard Bearer put together. I even managed to make him fit in with my unit of Halberdiers. And even with a heavy standard you've got to bump him pretty hard to make him tip over, thanks to the lead shot in his base. I'd like to thank Ryan over at From the Warp for featuring my basing tip as part of the Tuesday Top Ten this week. To make the list last time I had to stab my finger with a hobby knife and bleed all over the desk, so this is a step up for me. Anyway, back to the Battle Standard Bearer. Here's a picture:

He's sort of a grizzled old veteran. He has the stats of an Empire Captain, but I picture him as more like an old First Sergeant. He's probably crusty as heck and likes to be down in the crap with the men.

The Captain who leads my force is going to be a sort of a fop. He's got way too many plumes on his hat, wears a cape, and is too young to ever be wrong. After all, he learned everything there is to know about warfare while he was in the Academy. I imagine he's also very good with whatever passes for Excel and Powerpoint in the Empire. I think I will add a flask or bottle to this crusty old Battle Standard Bearer so he can swill a little extra motivation when the young Captain gets on his nerves. It also works in a pinch to get his troops moving in the right direction, as do a few good stories about the wenches down at The Twisted Tree Trunk, one of the less-reputable establishments in the settlement.


  1. He looks funky dude. Though, his codpiece keeps staring at me. O__O

  2. The Empire codpieces do tend to be quite prominent. The Space Marine Scouts have a similar issue.

  3. Well, we know the scouts are compensating for something (ie not being marines). The Empire is because...

    I'm looking forward to seeing this guy and the others get a lick or two of paint. =)

  4. I'll get around to painting them up at some point. Right now I'm having fun putting them all together and coming up with a bit of fluff.

    I've still got the Captain, 8 Knights, and a couple of wizards to paint up before the 1000 points is all assembled. I really only need one wizard, but I pulled the parts for two of them off of the sprue so I might as well build them.

  5. Sounds fun. I like the wizard kits, I might have to paint one up myself as I brought the kit ages ago.