23 May 2010

Knights and Wizard Assembled

I put together my Empire Knights and Battle Wizard, which pushes the army out to 1000 points. Now they just need some paint. I do not have a shot of the full army yet, as the Knights are a complete pain to pose. They are not attached to the horses yet, and have a tendency to fall off their horses in ranks. I was barely able to get them lined up for this photo. Once I acquire some poster putty I will be better able to pose them without losing my mind. They were very frustrating models to put together. The parts wanted to fall off all the time, things wouldn't line up with the horse, models wouldn't stay on the horses long enough to get parts posed, and getting the horses' tails to fit in the little slot while simultaneously putting the two halves of the horse together required at least one more hand than I've got. They look all right in person, though. The army General is hidden behind his rearing horse in this shot, but you can see his hat and his sword poking out.

The Wizard was pretty easy to put together. He's not the actual Wizard I want to run with the army, but the other Wizard's parts fit together in such a way that I may have to paint the parts and then stick him together. So this guy will stand in for the moment. To me he's got a bit of a Moses feel to him.

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  1. Nice work. I really like the wizard, he has a very unstable mind look about him.