04 May 2010

The only good thing about the Jazz-Lakers playoff series is that one of them will lose. Since the Rockets didn't even make the playoffs this year I am reduced to rooting against Utah. I don't know if I am disillusioned enough to actually pull for an Eastern Conference team this year. But to cheer us all up, here are some Bo Jackson videos that I promised earlier. The quality on them is kind of low, but they were filmed 20 years ago, before the days of HDTV.


  1. Those are great...!

  2. Root for the Celtics...

    As for the Lakers/Jazz series, I can't even watch the games as I can't root for either one...

  3. My problem with the Celtics is that in my formative years as a basketball fan they were not even a .500 team.

    So my memories of the Celtics are a lot different from the memories you have of them. Where you folks had Larry Bird, I had Antoine Walker.