26 May 2010

Visiting Grandma and Empire Worries

Yesterday I had to put some gas in the car after work, and I got to thinking that I should visit my Grandma, since she lives right down the street and I hadn't visited for a while. A couple of my aunts and cousins were there and I wound up staying for dinner. My aunts spent a lot of the visit telling me how awesome and cute my son is, which is the kind of talk I like to hear. I didn't get home until late, so I pretty much just fed the dogs and went to bed. I'm hoping to get a lot fininshed on the Greatswords this evening.

I got an e-mail from Games Workshop this morning about the Countdown Clock to Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition which now appears on their site. This got me worrying a little about my Empire army list, as the list fits in the current system's framework, but I think the points I spent on my characters might extend a little past the 25% mark supposedly on the way under the new system. I'd hate for my list to be obsolete before it's even painted. I suppose I could probably just shuffle the points around a little bit, but I need to dig around in the rumor mill and see what all is expected to change. There have also been rumors that the changes are so big that the new rulebook will contain all-new army lists. I think this is unlikely, so I'll just concentrate on making my points fit in the new percentage-based system. I think I'm only over by 50 or so points on characters for a 1000-point list.


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  2. We had an awesome time with you Chris - thanks for listening! LOL You need to come see us more often so we can make you talk! It was fun to catch up on your life and stuff!