23 May 2010

Quick and Dirty Greatsword

I decided to paint one of my Greatswords up as a test model for my Empire army. I am hoping to get the army painted within a couple of months, so there are no four-step highlights or any of that. I wanted a relatively quick table-top quality job that I could easily replicate. I think it was a success. The reason I chose to paint the Greatswords first is that they feature the blue of my basic Halberdiers, the white of my elite units, and metal breastplates that I could practice painting for my Knights' armor. Looking at the pictures I can see a few things that I might touch up, but from arm's length he looks pretty much the way I wanted him to. Now I've just got to get through the other 73 models.


  1. That's a pretty good scheme there dude. Nice and clean, while contrasting nicely. They'll look great as an army. =)

  2. Yep - I'm with Kuffeh... have you considered some of that army painter dip stuff to add your highlighting easily???

  3. I am not really fond of the dipped look for figures. I've gone back to the figure in the pictures and added a little bit more shading to some of the white areas, but at the moment he looks pretty good from tabletop distance and I'm fairly happy with the amount of work that goes into this particular paint job.