24 May 2010

Quick Greatsword WIP 1

Got some base colors blocked in today. Nothing too exciting, but I can see the unit coming together a bit now. A few more decent blocks of painting time should see me on to the next unit. I really want to push and get this army painted this summer. I'm still not sure what I'll do for the Battle Standards. My skills at freehand are not that good, which is part of the reason I choose a lot of primitive, tribal armies. When you're painting your standard with the blood of your enemies, the emphasis doesn't tend to be on composition and perspective.


  1. Looking good so far mate, are you going Middenheim with the colour scheme?

    I like how you've used the wavey swords on all of them, really helps tie the unit together.

  2. The more elite units are going to be from Middenheim, while the militia-type guys will be painted in Middenland colors.

    The eager young Captain has brought his command out to the country in search of some combat glory. He's personally offered to take command of the local militia to help them fight the Beastmen, never mind that some of them have been fighting Beastmen for longer than he's been alive. Hopefully the Officer's Academy taught him well.