01 June 2010

Greatswords Finished

I finished the Greatswords tonight. I think the worst part of painting a unit is when all the major stuff is painted and you are left having to go through and paint all the little details on each figure. But I was able to get through it and maybe I'll have time to start another unit tomorrow. I estimate these guys probably took about two hours per figure. I'm not sure if I'll meet my goal of getting through the entire 1ooo points before August, but I will at least have some pretty good progress by then. I'm not sure if I want to attack the Mortar and crew or the big unit of Helberdiers next. Here are a few pictures of the Greatswords. They look all right for gaming, I think. I am still working on an idea for the banner, so it's going to remain blank for the moment. I will probably need to practice some freehand as well.


  1. Nice work on these. Especially good work on the slashing, which I sometimes find difficult to paint cleanly like this.

  2. I think they look totally awesome - TOTALLY!