10 June 2010

Way to Go! Idaho!

These ones might as well say Vandals across the back of them. They are called the Converse Star Player EVO. I just hope that someday the University of Idaho will rise up from the depths and be relevant athletically. I did enjoy my classes there and the surrounding area is beautiful, but their sports program is suffering a bit and there aren't a lot of jobs up there. It was pretty difficult to play as the Vandals in my NCAA Football video games, as they start out ranked something like 116th in the nation and even if you win all your games (a difficult task with that team) you can't get into a decent bowl. You have to play like fifteen seasons before you get into the top BCS bowls. Anyway, these shoes are rocking the Vandal colors and I think that's neat.


  1. I know there are other black and gold shoes out there, but these ones really jumped out at me as Vandal shoes.