21 June 2010

The Thunder Mountain Line

For Father's Day my wife acquired some tickets for us to ride the Thunder Mountain Line, a scenic train here in Idaho that runs along the Payette River, where my family occasionally goes rafting. Once my wife got calmed down (we came close to missing the train and she got a bit stressed out) we had a good time. The scenery was nice, aside from the time we spent watching the backside of Photo Guy, who spent the entire ride climbing around people to take pictures, either scenic shots or glamour photos of his wife. If someone happened to be standing in a spot where he wanted to be, he would either hover and fidget nervously with his camera or move in uncomfortably close to them and get his shot anyway. Most of the trip was sunny, but the rain started coming down really hard during the last ten minutes. We got soaked and I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the trains, but overall it was a good time and I enjoyed spending a few hours with my wife and the boy.

After the train ride we went to my parents' house to eat some dinner and visit. It was a bit silly there, but we had a good time and Grandpa gave the boy a sorely-needed haircut. My wife was worried that he would cut it too short (as if such a thing exists), but he came out looking quite handsome. I stress out a lot when it comes to my responsibilities as a father, but I sure enjoy my little family.


  1. We used to do family trips on steam trains. Our favourite was the 'butterfly' line in Norfolk.