23 June 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Plans

I didn't get much done on my Empire army this weekend. I got my unit of Halberdiers undercoated. A while ago my little helper rearranged them to the point that they wouldn't rank up anymore. After the undercoat I spent a little bit of time making them fit together as a unit again and painting numbers on the bottom of their bases corresponding to each model's position in the unit. That should eliminate any troubles with soldiers losing their place in formation.

I saw the cover of Hobbytown's advance copy of the Warhammer 8th Edition rules. That sure is a thick book, but the price tag is crazy. I'd be tempted to buy the upcoming starter box, keep the rulebook, and part the rest out on eBay. Not sure how much I'll wind up saving over buying a copy of the hardcover book as there is no price out on the box set at the moment, so I guess I've got some time before I have to decide. Perhaps when the boy isn't with me I'll take a look through the store copy and see what all is in there. He tends to be a handful at the hobby shop.

If the rumors about the pending trip overseas are true, I may have a space of my own and fairly predictable free time. That would be a step up from last time, when my free space included my bed and about two feet extra on three sides. Our schedule was fairly predictable on some days, but at other times we were going all day and night. If I get over there and find the rumors are true, it may be a good opportunity to paint some figures. I wouldn't want any really bulky or expensive models, but I could probably finish up my Empire army and the 1000 points of Dwarves I have put together. It could even be a good chance to put together some Kill Team stuff for 40k. It could be fun to put together a bits box before I leave and see what I can kitbash with what I've got. We'll see what happens, but it would sure beat sitting around in my room playing WoW. At least I'd have something to show for my time when I got home.

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  1. Sometimes that’s just what you need, some clear space and no distractions. Many (many!) years ago I painted an entire undead army in two weeks while my wife was away on business. Obviously this was before the kids were born so I was knocking round the house in the evening with nothing else to do and no distractions. I missed the wife enormously...but wow was that a productive couple of weeks for painting!