07 June 2010

I spent most of today at the hospital with my wife and our boy. He had to get his tonsils and adenoids removed, as well as a couple of cysts in his mouth. The surgeon said his tonsils were some of the worst she's seen in a kid. He's been pretty miserable since he came out of anesthesia, but he's started eating on his own, which was one of the conditions for him to be released from the hospital. The next couple of weeks will probably be horrible as he gets healed up. After that his ability to breathe freely will hopefully mean that he will finally be able to sleep through the night without his tonsils closing off his air and waking him up. That will hopefully also allow us, especially my wife, to get a full night's sleep, too.

I didn't make it home until the evening, and I was too tired to do much painting, so the Mortar and crew are about where they were before. The weekend was taken up with National Guard activities and my brother's birthday.

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  1. Poor gentle Ben! Hope he will be feeling better soon! Give him hugs!