17 June 2010

Thursday Brain Dump

There's not really much to talk about, but I feel an obligation to post something every couple of days. A while back I was getting pretty good at having two or three posts lined up for the future. Then I stopped doing anything interesting and ran out of posts.

I am looking forward to the big Game 7 tonight between the Celtics and Lakers. I really hope it's not wrapped up in the first few minutes like Game 6 was. I don't have any Celtics gear to wear in my living room, so I can't be counted on for any pro-Celtics voodoo. I am a bit of a bandwagon fan anyway and probably haven't built up enough win-mojo to influence the final outcome. That stuff is built up throughout the season(s), not in the thick of the playoffs.

Speaking of Celtics gear, the Nike Hyperfuse that Rajon Rondo has been wearing throughout the playoffs are going to be released to the public in August. They are certainly one of the more vibrant shoes on the court, letting everyone within 1/4-mile know where he is. Here is a link to the source, where there are also a few more photos.

I haven't touched my paintbrushes in a few days for various reasons. I will almost certainly not get my Empire army painted before I go overseas. Hopefully I can finish a unit or two, though, so I'll have some kind of hobby content to post here.

I had some good news at work, with a promotion and a raise. It works out to about 10.7% more money, although it comes with more responsibilities. And it really had nothing to do with merit or performance on my part. Everyone at my level got the bump up. But it's still a nice thing to move up a little and take more money home every two weeks.

I really hope Game 7 is good. My wife thinks I'm a little bit excited, because I texted her about it a couple of times today. I guess I am a little bit excited.

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