18 June 2010

Game 7

The Celtics lost to the Lakers 83-79 after leading for most of the game, but their depleted older roster wore down by the end and didn't stay far enough ahead to withstand the inevitable Lakers surge. The photo shows one of the big reasons why, as Rondo fights the Lakers' big men for a rebound. With Kendrick Perkins out of the game, the Celtics had no one underneath to contest for rebounds, and all of the second, third, and fourth chances the Lakers got took their toll. A few more rebounds and the Celtics probably would've pulled it off. Unfortunately the Celtics look to be transitioning into a rebuilding mode for next season and no other team looks poised to beat the Lakers next year. I'd like to say the Rockets will have a chance with Yao Ming back, but I don't know if Houston has enough pieces to make it in the West.

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  1. There are so many free agents come July One it will be hard to tell if down is up until the dust settles...I hope the Celtics resign everyone especially Ray Ray...