10 June 2010

Glen Davis Has Made Me a Celtics Fan

I've always been a Houston Rockets fan, usually not paying attention to the season after they are eliminated from play. They've had a pretty bad run for the last decade, so I spend a lot of time rooting for whoever plays the Jazz or the Lakers. My two big uncles encouraged me to look at the Celtics this time around. There's a rather loudmouthed guy in my Guard unit who pulls for the Lakers, so I thought I'd trash-talk with him a little about the series. Now that I've watched a few games I've become a big fan of Glen 'Big Baby' Davis. He's not one of the superstars on the floor, but I like his hustle and he's got a lot of personality on the floor, making crazy faces and going all out. Seriously, you could make a highlight reel from the faces he makes, including the peanut butter mouth .gif I posted a few days ago. It looks like the Celtics will win this game and tie the Finals 2-2. I think if they can win the next game at home they have a very good chance to win.

1 comment:

  1. Big Baby gives you reason to watch basketball even if you are not a fan. It doesn't matter how many minutes he gets, he always gives you everything. I wanna be more like Big Baby...!