28 June 2010

Isn't It...Iconic?

The other day I arrived home to see a package sitting inside the door. I did a quick mental inventory and couldn't remember ordering anything (not that my mental inventories are ever very accurate) and I was pretty sure I didn't recognize the shipper, so I took the box into the other room and opened it.

I'm pretty sure I recognize that silhouette...

Inside the Jumpman box I found a shiny, new-smelling, uber-stupendous pair of Jordan Icons in my size. These are honest-to-goodness basketball shoes, just like the pros wear. My wife came home shortly after and gave me a suspicious look when she saw new shoes on the table. I had been talking about basketball shoes, you know...

Luckily I was not in trouble, as the shoes were another kind gift from my Uncle Clair, who I imagine is encouraging me to find a ball and a hoop as well as issuing a challenge to bring my game, such as it is, to one of the family gatherings where basketball is the name given to familial bonding.

The shoes fit well, like a glove for my feet, and they offer very good ankle support. I may not be breaking anyone's ankles with my crossover dribble, but I won't be breaking my ankles off either. And they sure do look good on my feet. Once again I find myself at the mercy of another's generosity, and I suppose the best way to show gratitude in this case is to make sure these kicks get plenty of court time. Thank you again, Uncle Clair.

And I apologize just a little bit for the music reference in the title of this post.


  1. Yeah, so, we need a Drake/Rasmussen vs. the Dirtbag/Utahaen matchup. Next time Uncie Mike is in town we'll make sure to set this up.

  2. Gotta show dose suckas how to play dis game. Buy your Coppertone, as I am planning the weekend of hoops even as I write this. Also contemplating a pair for my narrow footed offspring. I've been wearing that exact pair of icons for the past month and I am uber-pleased with their performance. I'm no Ray Allen but these shoes do seem to help me put in more threes than normal. Looking forward to some familial bonding/hard fouls/trash talk. Miss y'all.

  3. I just hope Gus shows up wearing his ball cap on backwards. And then he tries to come into "the kitchen" and there will be no soup for him. Raz will be a welcome addition to the game and after game party at FF. Bring it on...

  4. So I hear you're super busy and trying to leave the country to avoid playing some ball with us. Well... Monday night is extended family home evening and, if you can make it, there will be some guys trying to make you scuff those Js. Gus is gonna issue the challenge... Hope you can hit the hardwood with us!