09 June 2010

I thought our boy might have to spend another night at the hospital because his stubborn little self refused to drink anything, but in the evening he got enough fluids down that he was able to be released. He's done pretty well so far. He runs around, talks and sings, and asks to put on his shoes and go bye-bye all the time. You can tell that he's uncomfortable and he pitches fits when he's sleepy or hurting, but hopefully he will continue to improve. His snoring is very loud when he's sleeping, though. Last night I could hear it very clearly from the other room. Once when I was a teenager I was snoring so loudly that my dad had to come out of his bedroom all the way downstairs to tell me to roll over. I'm not sure if he was sleeping with earplugs in during those years, but as I recall he wore earplugs while sleeping for most of my youth.

I got in 20-25 minutes of painting on my Empire Mortar after work today. I wasn't going to paint at all as I had an upset stomach, presumably from the chicken I got for lunch today. But I read a blog post (I've forgotten which blog it was in) today in which the author set a goal to paint at least ten minutes every day. It doesn't seem like a lot, but even if you do only ten minutes a day you wind up with an hour by the end of the week and 60 hours by the end of a year. And I find that if I just sit down and get started I will probably spend more than the ten minutes.

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