30 April 2006

Skaven, Step 2

I was able to get one picture of my next Skaven step, so I'm posting it here. It's not a great photo, but it gets the point across. My second step is to paint any lighter-colored or non-furry parts (faces, hands, feet, and tails) of the rats. I use Vomit Brown for this. It's still pretty sloppy, but I try to keep the paint in the lines a little more than I do with the first step. I'll probably do the armor next. A lot of the steps are interchangeable, so i just do whatever ones I feel like.

I also got a picture of my assembled Giant, with a Clanrat and a Battle Sister standing by for comparison purposes. In the background you can also see my wife's backside. While not as large as my wife's butt, the Giant is pretty huge. I haven't added all of the pieces to him, as some of them will be easier to paint and then attach afterwards.

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