04 April 2006

Stupid Rain

It's raining. I hate the rain. I think the worst rain is when it rains while you're doing stuff in the Army, because water gets in all of your gear and makes life miserable. On the farm, if the rain gets bad enough, you can usually go inside and wait it out. Or at least put on more clothes or something. In the Army you're pretty much hosed. Driving a tank is the worst, because the hatches never seal right and there is a constant waterfall coming in and pouring straight down your neck. Occasionally it will land on your helmet instead of your neck, but then it proceeds to drip from your helmet onto your face or from your helmet down your neck. Rain also makes my dogs smell terrible. But rain isn't what I really wanted to talk about.
I am tired of school. I hate going to class. I'm not sure if I have inferior genetics or something, but sitting in a classroom makes me want to die. Seriously, I have to bring a magazine or something to school with me just so I don't run out of the room screaming. I think today I'll work on a Space Marines list for my brother-in-law while I sit through German class.
Speaking of wet dogs, why are my dogs so obsessed with getting on my bed? I know my sister and her husband have the same problem with their dogs. If I leave the door open, both of my stupid dogs will try to sneak to the bedroom and get on the bed. I just don't understand the appeal. Our Basset Hound is also obsessed with eating socks. He has stopped stealing other things to chew on, but he loves to steal socks. He's so dumb, though, that sometimes he sees a sock on your foot and can't help trying to pull it off. Hello, moron! It's attached to my freaking foot!
I'm still excited about the comic convention. It was awesome. I guess I should go let the dogs out of their kennels. They were getting a little to rambunctious, so I had to separate them for a little bit. I don't know what possessed us to get dogs. For the money we've put into them I could've bought a nice used motorcycle, like this one:

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