19 April 2006

Nearly there...

Today I finished painting details on the backpacks for my Battle Sisters and glued the backpacks on. Here's a tip for everyone out there: Make sure you check for fit on extra parts before you paint everything up. I had to do some filing and cutting to get all the parts to fit, and then I had to do some repainting to get it all looking good again. All that's left for the unit is basing and then a clearcoat to protect the paintjob.
I will be glad to get back and do some Skaven, as near the end of this unit I was getting burned out on Battle Sisters. Hopefully I can keep skipping back and forth between the armies so I don't get too bored with painting either one. I also have partially redone my Skaven list because I lost the old one. I'm still curious as to the mix I had for those last 300 points or so. I think it was some sort of Clanrats unit and a Warlord.
I also went to my local comics shop today, as it is New Comic Wednesday. I buy most of my books online because the discounts are better, but the local shop has a weekly drawing for variant covers and action figures or whatever merchandise they've got to give away, so I usually go in and buy two or three books to get in on the drawing. I've won a couple of drawings, so it keeps me coming back. This week I won a drawing for a variant cover of Teen Titans #34. That was pretty awesome. If you're ever in the Boise area, stop by Captain Comics. It's a good, clean store with normal people as employees. They also have a small satellite store in Meridian, but a lot of the more popular stuff sells out there quickly.
My wife and I played some World of Warcraft today and probably were pretty close to getting kicked off for participating in the taunting of some punk kid. It happens. I am going to try playing as a Warrior for the little group my wife and I have with my sister and brother-in-law. My mains will probably always be Dwarf Hunters, though.
I also stopped at Hobbytown and saw the new Giant miniature for Warhammer. I really want one. Part of my depression is an intense "need" to buy new things, so I really wanted to get it even though we have millions of bills. I felt pretty bad for about an hour today after leaving the store without buying anything, but at least I have that impulse partially under control now. I've been able to wean it down from buying everything I can get my hands on to either making a small purchase or walking out with nothing. I even briefly had the thought that I might as well just quit miniatures because [insert multiple reasons why miniatures are ruining my life]. It's just another symptom that I have when I get depressed and can't get everything I want. I think I'm going to go talk to a shrink. It would probably be good for me, but the grump inside of me wants nothing to do with people asking questions that are "none of their business." I still really want the Giant, though. It'll be a huge (hehehe) project and I'll have to learn a lot about painting flesh tones, but it's a sweet model. Maybe when I finish another couple of units I can work out a way to get him. He'll slot right into my Skaven army and be a nice way to add some variation to it.

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