15 April 2006

My Wife is Pretty Awesome

Today I was having Hobbytown withdrawals because I hadn't been there for a few days. I wanted to go look at toys, so I told my wife I was probably going to go and look at stuff for a while. I had every intention of sticking to my promise of not buying anything until I got two units painted up, but she told me to go ahead and get an Immolater for my Battle Sisters. So I did. It's a pretty sweet little vehicle. I decided to go ahead and model it with the hatches all closed, so I was able to assemble most of it today and primer the main body of the vehicle. There wasn't a lot of flash or mold lines, so I really only had to trim a few parts to get a good fit. I left the tracks off as well as the gun turret, because it'll probably be easier to paint that stuff separately before I assemble it. I'm going to have to trim some of the turret pieces to make it fit together correctly. I'm not sure if I'm going to model the extra armor upgrade with styrene pieces. I probably won't, just because I want to keep it simple. As far as paint scheme, I think it will stay mostly black with some red, bronze, and tin. The bronze and tin will help tie it in to the colors of the Dominion squad it will eventually be a transport for.
The main point of the post, though, is how awesome my wife is. She let me buy a tank and she puts up with me on a daily basis. I still have no idea why she married me because she could've done a lot better as far as a husband is concerned. Like maybe someone who could hold a real job and buy a home that's not mobile. I guess she's a sucker for punishment, but I'm glad she sticks around. I'd be even more of a mess than I already am if she took off.
In other news, I bought a can of spray paint at Wal-Mart and have been coating the Tyranids from the Macragge set in it. The paint is crappy, so it's going to take a few coats before they really get fully covered. I'm still trying to decide what to do about painting the weapons and helmets of my Battle Sisters squad. I know what colors I'm going to paint faces and hair, but I'm nervous about doing that, so I keep putting it off. I need to finish them up and I've still got ten Clanrats to paint as well. I also have about 1400 more points of Skaven to assemble and paint. I lost my army list for Skaven, but I'm pretty sure I can reconstruct it without a lot of hassle. And I am seriously considering restarting my World of Warcraft account.

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