18 April 2006

Almost done...

I am just about finished with my first unit of Battle Sisters. I pushed hard all weekend to get them done. I even did some painting at my parent's house during the Easter bonfire. All that's left is painting and attaching their backpacks and doing something with the bases. As soon as I get that done I'll post pictures. Then I can finish that unit of Clanrats and work on my Battle Sisters Canoness and Immolater.
I also restarted my World of Warcraft account and made a new character on a new server. I'm a Dwarf Hunter named Chonk on the Turalyon server.
And now it's time for bed. I have no idea how we're going to wake up in the morning. In other fun news, my cousin, my brother-in-law, and I destroyed a computer moniter at my parent's house. We were out shooting at junk with a BB Gun and then we saw the moniter, so we threw rocks at it and smashed it all up. It was hilarious, like that scene in Office Space where they destroy the fax machine out in the field.

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