14 April 2006

Battle Sisters

I finally got some paint on my Battle Sisters. So far I've just blocked in the main colors for their robes and armor. I had to paint three coats of red for the robes to get full coverage, but they came out looking quite nice. I went with a darker red (Scab Red rather than Blood Red) than they use in the books because I think they look better with a duller red. I don't imagine a group of battle nuns running around in bright colors. I decided to go with metallic armor, and to mix it up I'll probably use a different kind of metal for each troop type. Maybe something along the lines of:
  • Troops - Boltgun Metal
  • HQ and Elites - Gold
  • Fast Attack - Bronze
  • Heavy Support - Tin

I think it'll turn out pretty nicely and give me a little variety when I paint. I'll keep the robes all the same color of red in order to tie the army together as a whole, sort of like my green theme in the Skaven army. I'm getting excited as I get closer to finishing the two units I told my wife I'd finish before I buy any more miniatures. I really want to try my hand at assembling and painting a vehicle. I guess I could post a couple of pictures so all five of you readers can see what I'm talking about.

This first picture is from some point when I was painting the red. I hadn't done the sleeves or collars yet and was probably on the second coat of red for the skirts.

And this is sort of a close shot after the Boltgun Metal has been painted on. Notice that the boltguns themselves are not painted. I still have to decide what color to paint them, as I think there will be too much silver on the models if I go that route. I'm still deciding on that.

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