29 April 2006

All Over the Place

Today I am all over the place. The first several hours of my day were spent at work, for the sixth consecutive day of working. I don't hate the work, but I still hate that I spend more time at work than I do at home (at least the time I spend at home and awake). It is a sad state we have got ourselves in, when work and money is more important than family and the pursuit of happiness. It'd be nice to be a dog and just worry about chewing on stuff, eating poop, eating food, sleeping, rolling in smelly stuff, playing, and in general loving every second of your life.
I sprayed a bunch of hornet nests today, so hopefully they will be dying in droves over the next little while. I don't mind killing soulless creatures.
I did quite a bit of hobby-related stuff today, and that's what was really all over the place. I put some red paint on parts of the Immolater. It was really watered down so I could avoid having a lot of streaks and lumps, so it will probably take a few more coats to get everything evened up and fully covered. The little bit I have done looks pretty good, though. It'll probably be a bit of a long-term project for me.
I also trimmed the flash off of and assembled two Skaven Night Runners. At some point I'll get the other eight in the unit put together and get them all primed and ready for painting.
I've been jonesing for a new unit of Battle Sisters, but I'd prefer to paint up an entire unit at once rather than doing it in pieces. So I talked my wife into letting me buy a complete unit of Battle Sisters. She said, "For the $45 you would spend doing that, why not just get the Giant?" She is a smart woman. It was an adventure getting to Hobbytown, though. She had to go to visit my little sister to hang out, leaving me with just my van as transportation. My van is an '88 Plymouth Voyager that has left it's good years far far behind. While I was in Iraq it sat in my parents weed patch and got full of wasps and mice, so it smells like something a plumber might find in your septic tank. In addition, it's full of trash and stuff that we never got around to unpacking after we moved. It has a tendency to overheat if it's warmer than 50 degrees outside and recently it's been having transmission issues. Basically it's the biggest piece of junk you've ever seen. The good news is that I got it for free several years ago and have only put about $110 into it ($70 to get the transmission fixed and $40 to buy a new taillight after a drunk ex-girlfriend kicked it out). The short story is that it barely will make the trip to my job, which is about 4 miles away, so I couldn't be sure that it would make the 14 1/2 mile round trip to Hobbytown and back. It made the trip, due in large part to a storm that swept through and dropped the temperature by 30 degrees in a matter of minutes. I think most people were angry about the storm, but I was extremely happy that it came up just as I was driving home.
All of this trouble with the van has brought me some good fortune, though. My wife has decided it would be a good idea for me to get a motorcycle, something I've been wanting for a while now. It's not going to be big, but it will at least be a step above a moped. And because she is concerned for my life, I will probably be able to get an awesome helmet and some leathers or something. Of course, people may laugh at a guy in full racing garb on a Ninja 250, but that's life. And it'll still be faster off the line than most cars. We really want to get a Ninja 500, but we can't justify the payments on it at the moment.
What with the motorcycle and the Giant and everything, my wife is a pretty awesome gal. I think I'll keep her around. Our dogs have been super-cute today. Even our poop-eater Basset Hound. He keeps running into the house and bucking all over like a little calf, just happy to be running around. He's been waging a war on my wife's flip-flops lately. She even hid them all in the hallway past our little barrier. Some people might tell you that Basset Hounds can't jump or climb, but I'm here to let you know that they're stubborn enough to learn. She told me today that there was no way he could leap the barrier and get a flip-flop without us hearing it, so of course she went out into the hallway and found one of her flip-flops missing. He is a terrible little creature.

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