26 April 2006

Painting Skaven, Part One

This is the first post in my little series of entries on painting a unit of Skaven. I may do one for Battle Sisters later. The disclaimer: This is my own personal method and you may or may not agree with it. On with the first post.

For this unit, I was kind of sick of painting all green uniforms, so I decided to add some blue uniforms into the mix. First, I ranked up all of the miniatures and picked out three from every rank to have green uniforms and two to have blue uniforms. Then I painted little appropriately-colored dots on the bases to remind me if a figure is a blue figure or a green figure. The figures also have grid designations on the bottom of their bases so I know where in the unit they fit. It's all extremely scientific. Anyway, the end result should be that I end up with a unit that is mostly green (in keeping with the army theme), but that has a little bit of blue to spice it up.

My next step is to paint the main fur color. For Clanrats I use Vermin Brown. I pretty much just slop it all over. It looks patchy and awful, but later steps will clear that up to the point that it looks right. That's as far as I got on the painting today. Here are the pictures:

In this close-up, you can see how the paint is just slapped on there. I'm not careful with it at all. You can also see the dot indicating that this rat will have blue armor.

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