24 April 2006

Turning Down Miniatures

My wife and I went to Hobbytown today and looked at the Warhammer 40K stuff. They had the Witch Hunters character St. Celestine on the rack, which I have never seen there before. My wife tried to talk me into getting it (meaning she took it off the rack and carried it around behind her back where I couldn't reach it). It's a really cool miniature and I probably should have let her get it for me, but St. Celestine isn't in my army list and I have 1,233 points of Witch Hunters to paint and 1,595 points of Skaven to paint as well. Add the Warhammer Giant, some terrain, and who knows what all to that and I've got a lot to do. But I might let her talk me into getting St. Celestine in a couple of weeks anyway. I'm sure I could work the model into an alternate army list.
I also saw a couple of guys getting ready to play one of the Privateer Press games (maybe Hordes?) but I wasn't too interested in that. Their figures were unpainted, but I guess the game hasn't been out for too long, so I can't fault them too much.
Since I'm going to be failing out of school this semester, I told my supervisors that I can work full-time from now on. I don't know how my wife does it. I don't mind the work that much, or even the time I spend there, but I really can't stand having so little free time at home. It seems like by the time I get home, eat, yell at the dogs, and say hello to the wife, it's already time for bed. It just doesn't seem like life was meant to be like this. I guess I envision a life where you can make enough money working a few days a week and then have a few days to have some fun and get out to enjoy your hobbies, nature, the family, and whatever else you like. I figure that I sleep seven hours and my work cycle (wake up, get ready, travel, and time spent at work) takes 10 hours, so that leaves me with approximately 7 hours of "free" time. I don't think it ever really comes out to a full 7 hours, though. It just doesn't seem like enough time and it doesn't seem right.
I think I'm going to get a motorcycle.

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