30 April 2006

My Giant, Featuring Gheorghe Muresan and Billy Crystal

Yes, the title of my post is a real movie. Not a great movie, but most films featuring basketball players turned actors aren't that great.
I've pretty much finished assembling my Warhammer Giant. He's pretty sweet. I like all the parts that came with him, although it did make for some tough decisions. I finally decided to go with an "attacking the town" theme. I'm using the hand holding a dude, the running away guy, and the sack of people. For a club, I chose the dragon's head. I was considering doing some sort of Skaven-themed base, but nothing good really came to mind. Maybe I'll use some of the giant rats from the Skaven army box and put them on the base, so it'll be like "the Skaven overran the town and brought their big friend with them. He is a very imposing model. For now he goes in the "projects box" that I keep by my desk. I'll probably work on him along with the Immolater, the Night Runners, and the Clanrats unit (whenever I find my camera charger).

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