06 April 2006

I was thinking today about the accessibility of comic creators as opposed to other celebrities. After every convention I usually try to make contact with the creators I talked to and say thank you for taking the time to come out and meet the fans. Sometimes I ask questions about comics or the industry.

The thing that gets me is how many comic creators have e-mail addresses posted on the internet and how many of them actually write back and answer questions. That doesn't really happen with most famous people. I realize that comic book creators don't have fanbases in the millions like many actors, actresses, sports stars, and whatnot do, but there are still probably a few hundred thousand or maybe even a couple of million fans out there. Try writing to ten sports stars and see if you get six or seven of them to reply.

On the wargaming front, I got my workshop set up enough that my brother-in-law could come over and work on miniatures with me. I got six Tyranids from the Battle for Macragge box set assembled and based today. He's about done cleaning up his Space Marines. He wants to start painting his miniatures, but he can't come up with a color scheme for them. I think he's afraid he'll get halfway through the army and then want to change colors. I'm thinking he could do some sort of army like one I saw in White Dwarf. The Space Marines in that army had defected from their original chapters and banded with some sort of fallen commander. They still had their original color schemes, but their insignia was scratched off and painted over with something new. That would be more work to paint, but it might provide variety.

I could probably be done assembling the Tyranids this weekend, but we'll see how much other stuff I have to do. I have to get this project moving so he doesn't lose interest before we get to play a game. I'm thinking I should just do a bare-bones job on the Tyranids because they aren't my real army and I would really like to get started on my Witch Hunter Sisters of Battle army. But I realize that playing the scenarios in the starter set will go a long way toward helping us both learn the rules. I can read the rulebook all I want, but until I see it all in action I have a hard time picturing it.

This sentence is here to remind me to post about the game of 40K we saw going in Hobbytown the other day. Actually, I want to write more about the kids playing it than about the game itself. I am so tired. I stay up all night and then I wonder why I don't feel like going to work in the mornings.

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