20 April 2006

Added Links and I Admit that I'm a Total Liar

I added a link to Captain Comics because they gave me free comics, and I added a link to Red Rick because I won his contest for $15 in free miniatures from GHQ, a manufacturer of Micro Armour. So go check out their websites and tell them I sent you!
And now the part where I admit to being a total liar. I was supposed to start working on my Skaven today, but I cheated and started on the Canoness for my Witch Hunters. So far I've just done some basic blocking in of major colors, so she's quite ugly.
I realized that I don't really get depressed at work. Maybe there is fulfillment in working after all. I also have realized that I hate school and don't really give a crap about my classes. More on that situation as it develops.

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