24 April 2006

Just in time for bed...

I was able to completely reassemble my Skaven army list, despite losing the old one for a while. It is based mostly off of which miniatures I find exciting rather than any specific tactics or themes. From reading the rulebooks and whatnot, it looks like a fairly balanced list, without too much of any one thing. I guess I'll find out how it plays at some point in the future. I even have an alternate list that swaps out a unit of Stormvermin for the new Dogs of War Giant.
Tomorrow my agenda is to copy down my Witch Hunters list into a legible form and perhaps start on my little step-by-step Skaven project. I may also figure out which miniatures I need to buy to flesh out the full Witch Hunters army. It's always good to have a shopping list. I may even do a variant list that fits St. Celestine into the army.
I've picked up the Immolater a few times, but I can't bring myself to apply any paint to it just yet. The Skaven should go quickly. Then I will make an attempt at the Immolater. But now it's time for bed so I can get up in the morning and earn some money to buy minis with.

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