23 April 2006

At least the painting is done...

After some help from the people at The Miniatures Page, I was able to fix my Battle Sisters. I had to do a bunch of repainting and revarnishing, but they ended up looking pretty good. I also took some time today and finished up the Canoness. She looks pretty good as well. I wasn't sure about how to paint the fire on her backpack, but I just painted it red, then highlighted it with orange, then a bit of yellow, followed by the tiniest bit of white. It came out pretty nice. I think my next project will be a little step by step write-up of painting the last ten Skaven in the unit I've been putting off. My brother-in-law thinks that it's not as easy to paint minis as I say it is, so hopefully I can illustrate some of the little tricks I've learned that make me look like a better painter than I really am.
I am fed up with clearcoats. The first one I used was a spray that "snowed" all of one unit of Skaven. Then the next one made the inks reactivate and run. That same clearcoat dulled my Battle Sisters. The new Floquil stuff that I'm using activates inks as well. I wish I could find a clearcoat that won't reactivate and smear all of my inks. But enough ranting, it's time for my pictures.
The Canoness. The flames look better in real life:

The Canoness and a Sister Superior:

The Heavy Weapons, a flamer and a meltagun:

The grunts, seven Battle Sisters with bolters:

Just as a side note, I saw a couple of kids playing Warhammer Fantasy at Hobbytown yesterday. One kid had a Dwarf army and the other kid was playing Bretonnia. It was cool to see them playing, but I don't think there was a single painted figure on the table. And many figures were represented by groups of bases surrounding a single model of whatever type the unit was. I realize that kids probably don't have the funds/patience/skills/motivation to field a whole painted army or maybe to even get all of the models that constitute an army, but it gave me a bad feeling, like it was wrong. But they seemed like decent kids, unlike the troll cheater kid we saw there a couple of weeks ago. I guess I should really get started on that Skaven army, since I'm only finished with 55 out of the 196 models in my 2000-point army list.

Also, I really need to get with my brother-in-law and play the Macragge Starter scenarios. Maybe we'll be more motivated to paint our stuff if we get some gaming in. Of course, it's a bit of hypocrisy to rail against those kids in Hobbytown and then turn around in the next paragraph to say that I'm going to play Warhammer 40K with my barely primed Tyranids, but I don't care. I still firmly believe in playing with painted miniatures. I'm just willing to make exceptions to that rule based on my own whims.

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