22 April 2006

I hate Travis!

This Battle Sisters Canoness is killing me. It seems like problem after problem hits me while i work on it. I think the worst part is that paint keeps rubbing off of the miniature. She has a little fur cloak thing, and it seems like every time I paint it, the paint comes right off as soon as I set the miniature down. The same thing happens on her head and weapons. I'm going to have to paint all the parts where metal starts showing through right before I clearcoat her or I'll never keep the paint on her. I've noticed some of the paint coming off the Battle Sisters squad as well, so I'd better get them sealed up as well. I wonder if I'll run into this problem with all of my metal minis. It's very aggravating. My second problem comes from painting her sword. I'm trying to do a power sword with swirling color like a picture I saw in a White Dwarf magazine, but I just can't get a good color mix or a good pattern. I put about ten different coats of paint on it, and it got so lumpy that I scraped the paint off and I'm going to give it another shot later. I can't stop thinking about it. It's like a personal challenge now, like the miniature is taunting me and saying, "You can't even keep paint on my cloak, how are you going to paint a fancy pattern on my sword? Huh? Huh? You can't, can you! AHAHAHAAH!" So now I have to get it painted just to stop the mocking. I can't believe I'm being taunted by an inanimate object.
I cleaned a bunch of trash out of the trailer today. It was starting to get really bad. My wife and I live like bachelors, so sometimes we let things go for too long. It doesn't help that our Basset Hound is a walking mess-making machine.
The title of my post refers to a school project that my little sister did in elementary or middle school. She had to make a diorama out of clay, and the main character ended up being bigger than the trees in the forest he was walking through. She was in a terrible mood and yelled, "I hate Travis!" And thus started a new family joke. The Canoness is my Travis at the moment.

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