08 April 2006

Back in the Saddle

I finally got back to the paint desk today. I was even somewhat productive and finished an entire rank of five Skaven Clanrats. All that's left to do on them is finish the bases and clearcoat them. My brother-in-law came over and assembled a bunch of the Tyranids from the Macragge box set. I have several of them drying in the primer box right now and hopefully I'll have some time to slap paint on them this weekend. My brother-in-law also based his Space Marines from the Macragge set and worked on his paint scheme.

He had an idea that I wasn't too sure about at first, but so far it's turning out all right. He took a heated dentist's pick and scarred the Space Marine armor all over. He also added bullet holes and the like. Basically, the Space Marine's entire armor was all cut up and blasted. There's no way the dude inside the armor could still be living. Then we primed it and painted a bright green in all of the gashes. It sounds strange, and when he explained it to me I'll admit I was pretty wary of the idea and mostly hoped he wasn't going to ruin a bunch of good miniatures. It turned out all right, although there are still some details to work out. I'm actually coming up with a bit of fluff as to how this particular army came about. More on that later once I organize my thoughts.

I'm mostly just excited that I was able to finish up some miniatures and I'm looking forward to completing some more.

My wife, my little sister, and I went to see Benchwarmers today. It was a pretty good movie. I recommend it.

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