05 May 2006

Not Quite Evel Knievel

I wrecked a motorycle today. I have been considering buying a motorcycle for commuting, so my brother-in-law offered to let me practice riding on his, as I've never ridden one before. Aside from killing it several times trying to get going, I did okay riding it around the trailer park, but then it was time to park it. The idea was to drive up the curb (one of the rounded ones, not a real curb), across the grass, and onto their driveway. I made it into the grass, then the bike started going down and I bailed. I did a little combat roll across the driveway and escaped with some bruises and a bit of road rash. I think I banged up my knee a bit as well. But I'll recover from all that. The bad news is that I totally thrashed his turn signal. He's an easygoing guy, so he isn't mad at me, but I will feel eternal shame and disgrace every time I think of it. I'm going to replace it as soon as I can get a part for it. But nothing can erase the disgrace I have brought upon all real men as I didn't immediately have awesome motorcycling skills. My pride is certainly bruised. Some famous racing guy heard about my wreck and decided to reenact it:
As far as hobby-related stuff, I put everything in a box for a couple of days. I was getting a little burned out and frustrated because the Immolator (I finally realized that I've been misspelling it all this time) is going very slowly. I still am not sure how I'm going to paint everything on it, but I guess I'll just follow my heart like Napoleon does and it'll turn out all right.
Today I got a cabinet thing with a bunch of little drawers in it, the kind everyone has in their garage or shop to hold bolts and screws and whatnot. I'm going to put miniatures in it. I haven't come up with an organizational system yet, but I will eventually.
If I get home from drill early tomorrow, I plan on inviting my brother-in-law over to try out the Macragge scenarios. None of the parts are painted completely yet, but I figure we'll get around to it. I just want to get some sort of game in to perhaps motivate us in our endeavors.
I haven't made any recent progress on my Skaven army, unless you count assembling the giant. The Battle Sisters project is stagnant as well, since the Immolator is taking a while and I don't really have any Battle Sisters to paint. I did get a Priest and a Battle Sister with Heavy Flamer in the mail, so I could paint the Priest anytime, and I just need a Battle Sisters squad box to go with the Heavy Flamer and I could complete another squad.
But mostly I need to go to bed and get some rest so I can go to drill tomorrow and survive until Tuesday, which is my next day off.

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