23 May 2006

It Was A Rat-Astrophe!

A few days ago as I was sitting down at my desk, my foot hit the box containing my Skaven army, jostling it. The minis inside started sliding, and the weight of everything moving to one end of the box flipped it over and off of my Witch Hunters box. There was a terrible sound and I said a few very naughty words to myself as I was sure that there was rat-astrophic damage. I didn't even want to open the box. Luckily, only a few figures were injured, and the ones that broke weren't painted yet. In all, my standard bearer lost a few pieces from his banner and a couple of figures from my Stormvermin command lost arms. It could've been a lot worse, as all of the metal miniatures fell on top of the plastic ones.
Although the damage wasn't terrible, my motivation was crushed and I haven't done anything with miniatures since the 14th. It didn't help much that my wife went home to Georgia for a funeral and I was left alone to fend for myself for five whole days. I nearly starved to death. I may get motivated again, but I may not. It's hard to say.

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