10 May 2006


I finally brought the charger for my camera in from the car, so I took a picture of all of the miniatures I have at least assembled so far. It comes out to about 1,500 points of Skaven, plus the Giant, which is interchangeable with the Stormvermin unit. I've still got a bunch of Clanrats and Clanrat Slaves to put together, plus a few other odds and ends. I've got a long way to go on the Battle Sisters. On with the pictures...

Here's the whole Skaven army:

This is all the Night Runners I have put together. I think I still have 7 to assemble:

My Stormvermin unit:

My two Poisoned Wind Globadiers:

The headquarters section, from left to right: Standard Bearer, Warlord, Warlock Engineer:

A Warpfire Thrower team and a Ratling Gun team. Also a couple of Rat Ogres:

The Giant:

A bunch of Plague Monks:

Some Clanrats:

More Clanrats:

All of my Battle Sisters (minus the Sisters Repentia that are all crusted with primer):

Immolator close-up:

Battle Sisters close-up:

I would write more, but it's 45 minutes past my bedtime and I still have to take out the trash. I hope everyone's satisfied with just looking at pictures. I wish that messing with the left-align/right-align/justify button didn't ruin the spacing of all of my pictures and captions. I hate computers.

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