09 May 2006

My Weekend

Tuesday is my day off, so it's sort of like my weekend. I had a pretty productive day as far as miniatures go. I want to get all of my Skaven assembled so I can see what the army looks like and to act as a gauge while I'm painting to see how much I still have left to go brfore completion. I put together 7 Night Runners, 20 Stormvermin, a Warlock Engineer, 2 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, and a Warpfire Thrower team. I didn't really do anything else today except mess around with the dogs, sit around in my underwear, and play Virtua Fighter 4 a whole bunch. It was a good day. Now I'd better get to bed so my wife doesn't yell and say, "Honey, I thought you said you were coming to bed in just a minute!"

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