30 May 2006

Finally Got Something Done

I've been pretty busy the last couple of days, as we had a long weekend due to Memorial Day.

Yesterday my first order of business was to locate some Simple Green and soak all of the minis that had been afflicted with crusty primer. I also bought a new can of primer, which worked out just fine. I tried a bunch of brush-on primers, but the smell and inconvenience were too much for me and I decided to see if I'd just picked up a bad batch. That turned out to be the case, so now I can return to my lazy spraycan ways. Then I started painting the Priest for my Witch Hunters army. I wanted to do something different, so I painted him with blue robes. It looked awful. So I dunked him in the Simple Green as well. With the rest of my evening I finished assembling a unit of Clanrat Slaves for my Skaven army. I also repaired all of the figures that were damaged when I kicked over the box.

Today I pulled all of the crusty miniatures (5 Sisters Repentia, 1 Mistress, 1 St. Celestine figure, and the Priest) out of the Simple Green and scrubbed the old primer off. Then I reprimed the Priest and started painting him. I went with brown robes this time and it worked out a lot better. It feels good to have a completely painted figure done. Maybe tonight I'll assemble some more Skaven. And now for the pictures:

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