30 May 2006

I've been thinking that I may have to do something with the Priest's power sword, but I'm sure that I'll never get around to it. I didn't get any more Skaven put together. I don't have much of the army left to assemble, so I should be more excited to get it all together. All I've got left is 25 Clanrats with spears, 20 Clanrat Slaves, 5 Jezzail Teams, and a Warp-Lightning Cannon. The painting is going to be a chore. I've been trying to decide what my second armies for each game are going to be. I don't see myself ever getting together with a group and playing, so I'll have to put two armies together and play solo games or something. I think I'll do Orks for Warhammer 40K. For Warhammer Fantasy I was going to do an all tree-spirit Wood Elf army, but now I'm sort of leaning towards a Dwarf Army. But with the new rulebook coming out I'm wondering if my Skaven are already going to be obsolete and maybe I should just give up on them. I guess if I'm not playing against anyone but myself it won't matter much, though. I can always play 6th Edition at home.

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