29 September 2007

I can't breathe through my nose, so I can't get to sleep. I've checked my Fantasy Sports lineups about 352 times already, so maybe I'll post something up here. In about 3 1/4 hours I have to get up and go to work. The AM shift undermans their Saturday shift, so the PM guys have to come in early to help them finish up their work and then go to the other side of the dock to move our freight. It makes for a long day, considering we do our PM shift from 3:30 to midnight on Friday and then have to be back to work on Saturday at 8 AM.
Sometimes I wonder how some of the new kids at work survive from day to day. Moving freight isn't exactly rocket science. You pull the freight out of the trailer, check to make sure it's not damaged, fix it if it is damaged, get your paperwork, scan the paperwork in the computer, take the freight to the destination trailer that the computer designates, put the freight into the trailer, scan your paperwork, and if it needs it, tie the freight to the wall. With Hazardous Material shipments you have to do some extra paperwork, put pallets or plywood around the shipment so no one can inadvertantly puncture the freight, and maybe put some placards on the trailer. I have just described almost the entirety of the dockworker job. It's not that difficult. But some folks just can't figure it out.
I am thinking of one person in particular as he was in my way all day today, and things on the dock would move so much faster when he's not there. I imagine that watching him work feels similar to having a killer amoeba feeding on your brain.
On a slightly less ranty note, I've been thinking a lot about the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings miniatures. Hobbytown has got a Wardens of the Westgate boxed set that I've been looking at for several months now. I am reluctant to purchase it, however, as buying that box of miniatures will mushroom into the purchase of at least two or three books, an army of Gondor miniatures, a boxed set from the Isengard or Mordor range, and extra miniatures to fill any holes that the boxed sets miss. I think I will end up buying the Dwarf boxed set and starting the snowball down the hill, but I need time to prepare my mind for the real cost of the project.
And no post would be complete without a little bit of YouTube. This one goes out to all the righteous homeboys:

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