05 September 2007

Today I managed to do some more homework and put some more paint on the Orcs. My wife and I also got our box of World of Warcraft cards in the mail and true to form we failed to get even one loot card, not even a tabard or fishing chair. But no worries, as we got plenty of other cards with which we may eventually play a game.
I shaved off my beard in preparation for drill weekend. For a few sweet moments I left a mustache and sideburns combo that brought tears of joy to my eyes. My wife cried a different sort of tears when she saw it and used very persuasive arguments to convince me to shave them off. Tomorrow I will get a proper military haircut and once again look like somewhat of a soldier, rather than my usual "homeless man who has befriended a woodchuck and let it take up residence on his head" look.
I really need to finish painting these Orcs, as they are driving me crazy. The first unit of an army seems to be the most difficult to paint. Once you've got a unit or two painted, the rest just fall into whatever pattern you've set forth and it all goes together. But that first unit is just a killer.
I haven't been helped by my lack of focus, either. I've got some of my painted minis on my desk and I can't help looking at them and thinking that I wish I had a few more Foundry Pirates or a Skaven Doomwheel or some more miniatures from Reaper's Warlord line.
And the WWII project is always fun to rework. Today I decided to just focus on the Russia '41 - Drive on Minsk Skirmish Campaigns book, as the other book I have features a lot of extra vehicles that I don't think I can buy at the moment. I'll concentrate on the scenarios in this book and as I go along I can build up my forces for the other book. It should take me plenty of time just to get through these ten scenarios anyway. I wonder if all wargamers are as wishy-washy as me? It seems likely, as the message boards and blogs that I read are full of people dropping projects and picking up new ones. Then they get the spark back for the first project as well as a different army in the same period. It's really a wonder that anyone gets a game in edgewise.
The Fantasy Baseball playoffs are upon us, and my TMP Fantasy Baseball team has earned a bye for the first week. That has been my players' cue to go on a tear, using up all of their good stats during the one week I don't really need them to. Next week I imagine they'll be so tired from hitting home runs and stealing bases that they won't be able to play very well and I'll get eliminated from championship contention. At least I'll be able to soothe myself with the new Fantasy Football season and my aspirations there. I didn't get to draft many of my beloved Denver Broncos, but I am pretty happy with all of my teams. The only one I really have questions about is my team in the TMP Fantasy Football League. My Wide Receivers are just not that great, and I find myself depending on LaMont Jordan to carry half of the Running Back load. Hopefully Clinton Portis gets injured and my Ladell Betts grab will be made worthwhile.

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